Mother's Day

How do you define the word Mother? After all it is just a word, right? One definition of mother is to bring up a child with care and affection, another is to give birth to a child, and lastly a woman in relation to her child or children. Now, we can all agree that these definitions are very basic. True, but basic. I am lucky enough to have a mother that loves me. I am blessed enough to have a mother that tried to raise me the best that she could. She taught me how to love, how to talk, walk, learn, and so many other things.

Looking back on my child hood I never considered that my mom was also a person. I mean she is my mom, she was just always there. She was always a constant in my day to day life. We had a routine we followed and it worked. Sometimes the routine changed but the fact that she was there did not. I didn't appreciate that until I was older. I didn't know how special that was until I was older. Some people don't have a mother that tried so hard to raise their child with love and respect. Some kids never got the opportunity to even meet their moms. And some kids had to see their moms in passing as she went from job to job trying to pay the rent. Some kids have to put their moms to bed after a night of drinking, some kids have to deal with their mothers being high. Some kids had great mothers and they passed on way to soon. I am so lucky and blessed that for the most part my mother seemed pretty perfect. I always thought my mom was the best one, but don't we all?! And we should. Moms do it all. Doctor, lawyer, banker, house cleaner, launderer, teacher, wife and probably a million things I am not listing.

I remember the first time I thought of my mom as an actual person, instead of someone who just is there to take care of me. I was 5 or 6 and I got a hanger stuck up my nose! Can you imagine? It bled, A LOT! But my mom got scared. The first time I remember her being scared, ever! Well if SHE was scared then I was probably gonna die. Yup. With the dang hanger sticking out of my nose. I mean obviously I didn't die, but I learned that she had feelings and needs and wants like everyone else.

Why do mothers do it all? Love. Your mother loves you like no one else. Your mother cares for your well being more than anyone else. Your mother has kissed your boo boos, wiped your nose, wiped your tiny hiny, cleaned your room, helped with homework, helped you get over your first heartbreak, helped you learn how to do your first load of laundry, helped you cook your first meal, loved you when you weren't at your best, believed in you when you failed, had your back when you felt threatened, your friend when you were lonely, your nurse when you got sick or hurt, your advocate when you didn't know you needed one. Mother is not just a word. Being a mother is not just an action. Having a mother is not a possession. It's all about love.


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