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Dear 16

Dear 16, Oh my how you drive me crazy. You know everything and nothing at the same time. How do you do that? You make me laugh every time you say, "back when I was little." Your little brother irritates you just by saying your name. You get mad at me every time I say good morning to you. You now hate all the nicknames we have called you your whole life. I call you punkin and you flip out. I call you Reese's Pieces and you tell me to stop. I call you baby and you look at me like I have three heads. Your dad looked up current teenage slang to try to connect with you. He said things like: Lit, Gucci, Dope, Hundo and that did nothing but embarrass you. You promptly requested that he nor I ever talk like that again. You hate everything I cook for dinner. I refuse to cook 3 different meals, so you cook for yourself but your knowledge is limited which makes your diet pretty much mac and cheese with chicken nuggets.You want to be independent yet you don't understand w

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