Wish I could help more....

It's been a while! LOL The start of the school year is always bitter sweet for me and I am sure many of you too. Especially this year though because I had the privilege of not working outside the home so I can stay and play with the kids! We had tons of fun hanging out with family doing summer activities like swimming, hiking, camping and we went to Colorado!

As great of a summer as its been I can't help but think about those who are less fortunate. Those people who have lost a loved one or maybe a loved one is in the hospital, had to have surgery, received a new diagnosis of some kind. Those who only thought they had experienced their most awful day on earth only to learn it was yet to come. Those who wonder where their next meal will come from, those who work three jobs but still can't afford rent. Those who have lost their home and all belongings to a natural disaster.

I can't help but think, how do we help these people? Do we stand by and let them suffer? NO. We come together and band together to take care of them. We do not judge them because, one day, you or I could be in their shoes. We do not criticize their choices or situations because that could have easily been you or I making those same choices.

What can I do? What can I say? Sometimes it doesn't seem as if prayer is enough. Sometimes it doesn't seem loving them is sufficient. So many people with so many different situations that all seem to need miracles and I want to provide them all with one. But, alas, that is not realistic. I ask myself what is? What is in your heart to service, who is on your mind to help? How do we help them when our schedules are so hectic sometimes, we forget to eat!

Ya'll, sometimes it is just that phone call to check on someone. Sometimes when someone asks for prayer, they don't know what else to do themselves, so pray for them. Sometimes if a particular person can't get out of your head, maybe they do need a little extra TLC.  If you know someone who is afraid to ask for help for something specific, encourage them to do so. If someone on the street needs a dollar, give them a damn dollar. If you run across a volunteer opportunity, take it! You might learn a thing or two about yourself and the people around you.

Also, if you need help, ask! If you need to talk, go talk to someone! If you need some prayer and a little TLC you got it!

"If you can't feed a hundred people, then feed just one." - Mother Teresa


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