Waiting to be happy.

Let's be real and honest with each other. Who relies on other people for their happiness? Do you rely on your husband? Your children? Your job? Your church? Your hobbies?

Why do we put that on the shoulders of other people? Why do we say "if this person would just help me with this I would be happier." NO LINDA, you wouldn't be. Because as soon as that person helped you with that "certain thing" then it would be another certain thing that needed to be done to make you happy.

Why do we say "if I could just buy this one thing I would be so happy." NO LINDA, you wouldn't be! Maybe for that split second you got it but not long term!

I'm not saying don't do or buy things that make you happy. I am saying try to be happy regardless of what you have or don't have or what people do or don't do for you!

I watched a documentary about an Amazonian tribe called Waorani.  They are said to be some of the happiest people in the world. And they live in a place that doesn't even have modern plumbing much less anything else we take for granted. They are constantly laughing and joking with one another. Why are they so happy? Because happy is their baseline. When asked in the film why the are so happy, the response by many was "We just are." Almost all of them had a strange look on their face like it was a strange question. Of course things happened that were upsetting but they didn't stay in that place. They didn't dwell on it. They dealt with it, moved on and got back to their baseline. They have such a sense of purpose, belonging and acceptance.

This shook me a little. Well, A LOT! With all the things they deal with on a daily basis. Disease with no treatment. Illness with no treatment. Little to no food. Little to no clothing. Little to no basic necessities met. And they are still happy!

I get it though, I've been depressed, unhappy and anxious before. A lot of my adult life actually.

But at some point we have to decide we are going to push through and choose to be happy with the life we have been gifted.

What will it take for you to choose happiness? What will it take for you to say "YES LINDA!"


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