You know those times when your children make you feel like you are the worst parents on earth? Like when your teenager doesn't tell you he has a hole in his shoe and when you finally notice his little toe is sticking out the side and he tells you it's been like that for 4 months. Or you take your kid shopping and realize her actual size is way bigger than the ones she has on. Or you go into your kids bathroom and realize they have no toothpaste or body wash and they tell you they have been out for a week. Or when you are already running late taking them to school and the kids tell you they have no clean clothes to wear. Or you have eaten out for the 3rd night in a row because you're exhausted.

These are just a few ways our children make us feel like total and complete failures! I mean never mind the fact that they are actually still alive and they ate dinner! But let us not forget the most random and embarrassing things they say in public, like calling people huge or saying a cuss word right at the wrong moment! Oh, or they decide to pull their pants down wherever they happen to be at that exact moment and pee. To be honest, ya'll I'm exhausted just writing this!

Then I went to my women group meeting and told them about the shoes. And they all laughed at me and most of them said. "So, what? If that is the worst thing going on right now, you are blessed."

They are so right! We have had some pretty crappy things happen to us and I know a lot of you have also, but that was what I needed hear to put it all in perspective.


All of us feel like crappy parents from time to time. Don't get me wrong there are some real crappy parents out there in this world. But for the most part we are good, caring, loving, generous, kind, giving, patient and creative moms.

So what the toes were sticking out, he got new shoes. So what they were to small, she got new shoes. So what they were out of toothpaste and body wash, you bought more. So what they had to wear dirty clothes for one day, they got clean. So what they had dinner from McDonald's, they got to eat.

So what they peed in public, it was probably funny. So what they said something embarrassing, most people do.

Sometimes, perspective is what we need.


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