High School and Other Things

 I've been doing research on blogs and it turns out, I am supposed to provide my audience with some sort of useful information. Well shit, I have completely failed at that. That made me think about re-doing my whole blog. Then I thought nah; I like it the way it is and I am going to keep doing what I'm doing and if you guys get value that's great!

What's on my mind lately? Lots of stuff but more specifically high school. Man it came a lot faster than I ever imagined. Yes, Reese is only a freshman but this school year is almost over. It really has had me thinking back to my high school years. I don't know about you guys but I pretty much hated my high school years. There were some good times of course but mostly I spent the whole 3 years in hormone hell. Trying to figure out if so and so liked me then trying to figure out why so and so broke up with me. Then came the boy that my parents hated so naturally I fell in love with him.

Then the questions about what I want to do with my life when I had no idea. Why must we decide in high school at such a tender age what we "will be" when we "grow up"? I know there are people that have always known and I envy them! Reese says he knows he wants to keep doing all the video things and I think that is great. But more importantly, I am concerned with who he will be and how he treats others. I don't necessarily care how he makes a living.

Let's not forget trying to navigate first jobs with our new found freedoms as young adults, but not to free because we still need guidance but don't think we do so we act out and say rude things.

Yes, I did. Yes, he will. No, I'm not ready.

I see all of this coming back at me, like a super fast train and I can't move off the train tracks. I know I'm going to get hit. There is little time for preparation and I am increasingly scared.


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