Love yourself!

I have had something on my mind for a while now. Something I have struggled with my entire life. something I need constant reminders of. Something I just feel needs to go out into the universe. Self-Love.

What does it take to love yourself? Why must we base our self worth on the external world? Why do we expect things out of ourselves that we would never expect out of other people?

 If we continue to base our self worth on what other people think and expect you will never be capable of self-love. The last time someone just expected you to do something, did you?  Because you were afraid of upsetting them or making them mad at you, even though it went against what you believe to be right? I have. Then I internally struggled with it for weeks! Let me tell you friends, it's not worth it!

Always be true to yourself! Train your mind to be grateful for your talents, for your beauty and brilliance.

The last time you messed up, what did you say to yourself? I bet it was negative!? If you say negative things about yourself, it is so easy to start believing them. Try to break that cycle by immediately saying something positive instead of something negative.

Be patient with yourself. Life is all about learning and experiencing, no one is perfect. Relax, trust yourselves to do good work, make good decisions.

Accept uncertainty! Why do we make our selves nuts by trying to predict the future? Why do we make our selves suffer by trying to figure out what exactly is going to happen next? I'm not saying don't work for your goals but I am saying we don't know what the road blocks we will run into along the way.

Self-compassion. Treat yourself with the same kindness, concern and support that you would a friend when faced with struggles, mistakes or failures.

I am going to switch to a more positive mindset and these tips made a lot of sense to me when researching. I hope they made sense to you as well!


  1. Amen, thank you for sharing this. I have been in a state of paralysis with the things I know the Lord has been speaking to me about until recently. Taking back my power one step at a time. Blessings!

    1. Thank you so much for reading Tiffani! Yes, you got this!!


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